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What is a Jew?



What is a Jew?

What is a Jew? The Wikipedia answer’s answer

Information about Judaism

BASIC INFORMATION [packed with information]
Judaism FAQ
Judaism 101
Everything Jewish!
The Union for Traditional Judaism site
Visit and even take their Crash Course in Judaism!
Read Maimonides’ Thirteen Articles of Jewish Faith (from Lazer’s Talmud Torah)
Read Maimonides’ Thirteen Articles of Jewish Faith (from
The Beth Din of America
The Jewish Learning Portal
Ask Moses:  A place to chat live with a rabbi online
Ahavat-Israel not the best-organized site, but useful nonetheless.
Shema Yisrael Torah Network  Online chassidic resources
Find a study partner near you or online at Partners in Torah!
John D Stone’s ”Truth of Judaism” page

WHO IS THE MESSIAH?  A website that deals with some more esoteric concepts of Judaism, and looks at the Jewish view of who and what the Messiah is.
Mashiach (messiah) Resource Center
Messiah Truth: A Jewish Response to Missionary Groups

Conversion to Judaism

A gateway to Conversion to Judaism at Becoming Jewish
A resource especially for Jews by Choice: Becoming A Jew
Find more information about conversion to Judaism at or at the Conversion to site
The Beth Din of America

Jewish Life Events’s Life Cycle Events index page
JAFI: The Jewish Association for Israel’s Life Cycle Events page
Info on Jewish Funerals, Burial & Mourning

Online Jewish Texts (Bibles, etc)

Access The Jewish Bible online.  Access to a number of important Jewish works, including Talmude Bavli & Yerushalmi, Tosefta, etc.
A site devoted to the study of the Talmud Yerushalmi’s searchable Bible page
World ORT’s Navigating the Bible II Online Bible Tutorial
Read or hear the Daf Yomi. Site has links to the daily daf so you can follow along as you listen!
Lessons in Tanya
Read or listen to the entire Talmud Bavli, online at
The Rashi website
WebShas from The AishDas Society
Seforim Online
Institute of Practical Bible Education: Tanakh page (warning: you have to set the browser’s ”view” encoding, in IE, to Hebrew(Visual) to get this page to display correctly!)
MTR Torah Freeware:  A collection of free bible software

Your complete source for online Kabalah, Torah and Talmud learning! Tanakh Study Center:  An excellent source for understanding the tanakh, passage by passage
The Jewish Encyclopedia Online!

Jewish Response to Christianity

Jews for Judaism
Messiah Truth: A Jewish Response to Missionary Groups
Outreach Judaism
You Are My Witness: The Traditional Jewish Response to Christian Missionaries (A .PDF download)’s Ask the Rabbi page:  Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus
John D Stone’s ”Christianity Revealed” page

Nets in the Stream

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism website
The Orthodox Union website
The Union for Reform Judaism website
(formerly ”Union of American Hebrew Congregations”)
The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation website
Chabad Lubavitch’s website
Breslover Chasidism:  Breslov on the Internet
Breslover Chasidism:  Breslov – Judaism with Heart
Breslover Chasidism:  The Breslov Center for Spirituality and Inner Strength
Breslover Chasidism:  Breslov Chassidus
Modzitzer Chasidism website

Bnei Noach: The Path of the Righteous Gentile

The websites found below are not about Judaism per se, but rather about what is called “The Path of the Righteous Gentile”. Judaism does not have a concept whereby non-Jews are automatically cursed. While non-Jews are certainly welcome to convert to Judaism, the Jewish view is that Hashem gave Noah 7 basic laws to govern human behavior, and that by following those 7 laws, a Gentile is made “Righteous”. The seven laws are:

  • Do not engage in idolatry
  • Do not curse God
  • Honor the institution of marriage between husband and wife
  • Do not murder
  • Do not steal
  • Do not inflict needless pain, even on an animal
  • Establish a system of justice to enforce the rest of the laws

The Path of the Righteous Gentile, an online book on the subject
Laws of Noah
Third Temple‘s exposition on the Laws of Noah
HaNefesh’s “Seven Obligations” page’s 7 Laws page
Chavurath B’nei Noach: website of a Bnei Noach congregation

Check Back Regularly for Schedule Changes and/or Updates-Stay informed!